Connect Zoiper to an Anveo Phone Number

I am writing this article for those who are looking to connect an Anveo phone number to ZoiPer softphone. This article was written using Zoiper5 5.5.3 for Windows 64bit. Pre-Requisites You must already have an Anveo account and have purchased a telephone number with...

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Lenovo 110S

Why did I buy this thing? I had been looking for an ultra-portable laptop to use as a thin-client computer. Something that I could establish a VPN connection to my home network with and connect into my more powerful desktop computer. Something I could throw into my...

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The Raspberry Pi

In early 2012 I found an article about the Raspberry Pi. All of my news feeds were filled with buzz about "The $35 Computer." Ever since then my mind and my project to-do list have been filled with projects that the Raspberry Pi could be used for. I often bring up the...

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