Connect Zoiper to an Anveo Phone Number

I am writing this article for those who are looking to connect an Anveo phone number to ZoiPer softphone. This article was written using Zoiper5 5.5.3 for Windows 64bit. Pre-Requisites You must already have an Anveo account and have purchased a telephone number with...

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HP T5540 Thin Client

The purpose of this article is for me to capture my notes regarding the HP T5540 Thin Client. The hope is that they are of use to someone else. They are subject to change. Specifications Specs of model received Processor VIA Eden 1 GHz GPU VIA Chrome9 HC3 shared video...

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Lenovo 110S

Why did I buy this thing? I had been looking for an ultra-portable laptop to use as a thin-client computer. Something that I could establish a VPN connection to my home network with and connect into my more powerful desktop computer. Something I could throw into my...

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