OSCAR – Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter

I have been wanting a better way to analyze the data that is recorded onto my CPAP machine’s SD card. The Philips Respironics mobile app leaves a lot to be desired. Especially, if you’re highly interested in looking at ALL THE DATA like I am.

I was hoping I would be able to take the RAW data and import it into Excel for analysis. Of course, upon inserting the SD card into my computer, I realized that was a silly idea. The data is in a format that is either proprietary or simply foreign to me.

Fortunately, for both you and myself, someone has already done the hard work and developed a desktop application (that works on all major platforms) that will allow you to import the data from your SD card and review the information visually.

For me, I had 1,275 days of sleep data stored on my SD card. I find it fascinating to be able to look at all of this information at once, in a visual format.

As recommended by the application, I do also highly recommend write protecting your SD card before inserting it into your computer. Some operating systems will add additional files to a drive when it is inserted. This may render the card unreadable by your CPAP device.

OSCAR is a fork of SleepyHead. It appears as though there was some contention between the original application developer and the community. Therefore, SleepyHead development ceased and the OSCAR fork was created.