Day 6 of Our 2018 Bend & Lincoln City, Oregon Vacation

Day 6 of Our 2018 Bend & Lincoln City, Oregon Vacation

by | Oct 20, 2018 | Photography | 0 comments

For us, no visit to Central Oregon would be complete without visiting Crater Lake. Day 6 of our vacation was dedicated to visiting this gorgeous lake.

When we arrived it was a little hazy, but as the day progressed the sky became a gorgeous blue with spectacular clouds.

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First panorama of the day.




The Pumice Castle on the far right with a boat on the lake in the middle.


The Phantom Ship appears in the left portion of the photo with Wizard Island to the right.


Wizard Island. Probably the best panorama I took of Crater Lake the whole day. It really helped that the sun was to my back.


For dinner we finally made it to Noi Thai Cuisine.  Amazing food as usual. Gorgeous atmosphere.

I can only assume we were under gorgeous representations of mushrooms.


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