Day 4 of Our 2018 Bend & Lincoln City, Oregon Vacation

Day 4 of Our 2018 Bend & Lincoln City, Oregon Vacation

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Don’t go looking for Day 3 of our trip. We were on the road from Bend to Lincoln City, Oregon. I would have taken some photos when we walked down to the beach after checking into our hotel, but after I got to the beach, I realized that I failed to put the SD card back into my camera. D’oh! Sadly, not the first time that has happened to me!

I do have some dashcam videos from Bend to Lincoln City and maybe someday I’ll go through them and post a couple. Ok. Let’s be honest. Probably not!

Day 4, we made a drive up to Tillamook, Oregon. With the main intention of visiting the Tillamook Creamery. Also known as Heaven on Earth! We love cheese!

Please, click the Continue Reading link below to see the photos from Day 4 of our 2018 Bend & Lincoln City, Oregon Vacation!

After spending some time at the Tillamook Creamery and having lunch; We drove back down the coast and stopped alongside several sightseeing spots. Including Depoe Bay, and Cape Foulweather.

After doing some sightseeing we wanted some dinner. The night before we ate at Mo’s in Newport. We weren’t impressed with the atmosphere. Too busy for our liking. We wanted something a little bit more relaxed with more comfortable seating. We found a restaurant called Clearwater. Honestly, this was probably one of the best restaurants we ate at during our entire trip. Highly recommended if you’re in Newport, Oregon.

We did have some pre-dinner entertainment.

Probably the nosiest animal I’ve ever heard. With the exception of our cat when he’s hungry, which, is all the time!

After dinner we made our way back to our hotel in Lincoln City, but we stopped at the beach before retiring for the evening.


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