Day 1 of Our 2018 Bend & Lincoln City, Oregon Vacation

Every single year my partner and I find ourselves asking the same question: “When are we going to get to go to Bend, Oregon this year?” Anytime either of us ask: “What’s for dinner?” Inevitably, one of us will respond with a restaurant located in Bend. It’s our favorite vacation destination. Maybe it’s because it’s an amazing launching point to some gorgeous scenic vistas in Oregon. Maybe it’s because if we’re in Bend, we’re on vacation and not having to deal with the ins and outs of everyday life! I think it has a lot to do with the latter!

Please, click the Continue Reading link below to see the photos from Day 1 of our 2018 Bend & Lincoln City, Oregon Vacation!

Every year when we are vacationing in Bend, Oregon we will make a stop at The Painted Hills (located 9 miles northwest of Mitchell, Oregon per Wikipedia) either on our way or to or from Bend. Below are the best photos I captured on this trip of The Painted Hills.

I will still say that I think the best pictures I have ever captured of The Painted Hills are the photos I took back in 2015. The sky was moody which created for some spectacular photos.

On this first day in Bend we did our usual drive up to the top of Pilot Butte and because we had never driven our 2017 VW Passat to Bend I had to take its photo with the city of Bend as the backdrop. This has became a tradition for us when we travel to Bend in a new (or new to us) car. Unfortunately, when we arrived in Bend the sky was full of smoke. Thankfully, it cleared overnight and didn’t impede the rest of our trip.

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