3 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Windows RDP Thin Client”

  1. Great writeup and you saved a ton of frustration from our situation.
    Can you please kindly update the website with raspberry pi 4 + buster lite + whatever is the latest in the xfreerdp.

    Also, is it possible to handle these authentications via certificates generated and issued out by a separate raspberry pi that can act as a central server for certificate management?

    In theory, the client rpi 4 will authenticate with the server via certificate and a passphrase. Possible?

  2. Thanks for the comment! My apologies for not responding sooner! Work and housework get in my way of properly maintaining this website!

    I haven’t purchased a Pi 4 yet. I want to, but I don’t have the need for one just yet.

    I’m not aware of a solution for handling certificates centrally, but I am absolutely certain there is something out there. I don’t know what that is though.

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